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CO4: Communication, Community, Collaboration, Continuity

by on February 17, 2012

CO4: Johans Adrian Pelaez (Author)

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CO4 Methodology and Digital leadership
This method involves 4 different areas, and  seeks meet and strengthen a community of persons through Social Media.
1.- Communication: The objective is to develop a communication plan, to be the way to reach people through social networks, A content strategy is based on communication in Blogs, Websites, Apps and Social Media sites.
2.- Community: The communities are not born alone. They are initiatives driven by leaders who can unite a group of people around a common topics. Cultivate a community is to focus on uniting the members of a group: listening them, knowing them and be emphatic. The leader promotes meetings and guides when necessary. The leader strengthens and promotes spaces for meeting spaces.
3.- Collaboration: The leader promote  transversal spaces of collaboration in which everyone can make an input of common objectives for the group, in which everyone can help or support individually or in groups. (Collaborative Work) understanding that cooperation is a path to stimulate  and promote collective intelligence.
4.- Continuity: The leader is ready to think any project within a timeline:  short, medium and long term as a strategy plan. For example: The methodology better known as: 1-5-5, that means how our job can impact the organization after one month, later after 5 months and finally after 5 years. The continuity as a differentiator element of all the strategy.

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