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Digital Reengineering and Critical Thinking 3.0

by on June 17, 2013

Johans Adrian Peláez and Digital Reengineering and Critical Thinking 3.0

Action fields:

Communication, PR, Cyberactivism and Politics:

3.0 is  how to get our communication to the next level, using not only technology but all the advances than professionals with new competences had generate. Shortening distances and optimizing resources in time, space and human talent.

We are in front of the concept of Public Relations; Influencers Management, Opinion Leaders and thought through Networking and Social Intelligence stimulating critical thinking 3.0 for Managers, Professionals and Leaders in general, people who can impact from academy, politics, the private enterprise and the public sector.

Punto A al Punto B

It´s the way how through Ad Hoc equipments, we can agroup professionals in an independent manner  but collaborative too, just to focus on the satisfaction of the needs of third persons. In this methodology, some Business Model and Lean Start Up methodologies are followed to achieve a real and truth Digital Reengineering than involves the usage of social networks, innovation and group intelligence. it requires a component called ¨New Media Training” in which new social media can be taught, tools, devices in a creative way, and strengthening the documentation, investigation and knowledge management. Teaching connectivity and communication as fundamental competencies of companies and people with local regional scope and incidence over time.

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