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Personal Learning, the new way to learn

by on August 17, 2014

Personal Learning by Johans Adrian Pelaez:

Born inspired in the observations made by the famous writer of science fiction: Isaac Asimov about the change who said: that technology represents our way to access to knowledge in real time, ilimited and constant.

Today we must “learn to learn” because the sources of information are in constant update. Day by day we have new advances, new offers, formulas, theories and thoughts referring to lot of the themes of our business as professionals, persons and groups.

Personal Learning is a project that want to give the opportunity to develop new skills to access to the information and to traduce it into knowledge.

Learning: Documentate information, Cure content. Create own content, interrelate criteria with others. Comparatives of different sources of information with similarities, differences and limitations.

Personal Learning as an extension of academy and of permanent actualization of the professional, using the investigation and scientific criteria and adequate methodologies of study. Doesn´t compete with academy, it compliments the academy.

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