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Zero Degrees Separate by Johans Adrian Pelaez

by on February 17, 2014

Zero Degrees Separate by Johans Adrian Pelaez*:

* This is a variation of the theory of 6 degrees separate  and global village. It consists in the knowledge about connecting people, without intermediary, the connection is made through content: articles, blogs, videos and social networks. Johans Adrian Pelaez

There are recommendations and steps to follow, supported in management indicators, performance and the fulfillment of goals and objectives.

The methodology is based in technology to place all the content in the digital ecosystem. Nowadays, through searching engines like Google, we can  we can get access to information  and of course to the people that build it.

Technology and knowledge let us go to get in touch with others, to connect with different people, words and keywords allow us to connect and build bridges. Communications is vital to get contact to the other, through the digital ecosystem and by the way we can be able to position and to create a route to be found. All of these depends in an adequate development of our skills and digital capabilities that allow us to: connect, know, convoke, group, mobilize and to involve in business, campaigns and a lots of ambits of our society.

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